OrthoTrac: Configuring Email Add-in for Patient Tracking

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Setting up Orthotrac to track emails sent in patient tracking.


Install the Outlook Tracking add-in from the appropriate folder.


NOTE:  64-bit versions of Outlook are NOT SUPPORTED.  Outlook must be 32-bit or the add-in will not work.  Additionally, Microsoft Office 365 is not supported, only Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. 


On any workstation that sends the emails browse to U:\OMS-SPEC\Outlook Tracking Add-in\   and run the Setup.exe in the folder for the appropriate version of Outlook.  Once it has been setup use the Send to Pt. Tracking option to save the email to Patient Tracking.  For more information on sending an email see the below section Sending an Email.


NOTE:  Emails sent from CS Orthodontic Imaging DO NOT save to Patient Tracking.  The Outlook add-in option is NOT available and cannot be made available if the user sends the email directly from CSOI menus.  Only emails generated from an OrthoTrac function can be saved to Patient Tracking.

Installing the Add-In
1.   Click Start, Run on the workstation to be configured.
2.   Browse to the folder U:\OMS-Spec\Outlook Tracking Add-in\
3.   Double-click the folder for the version of Outlook that is being used (2003 / 2007, or 2010.  For Outlook 2013, use the 2010 folder).
4.   If the Outlook version is 2003 or 2007, first double-click the "pre-install fix.reg"  file to merge this information into the registry.  If the Outlook version is 2010, skip to the next step.
5.   Double-click the Setup.exe  file.
6.   Click Install when the OrthoTrac Patient Tracking Add-In Setup window is displayed.

7.  Click Next when the OrthoTrac Patient Tracking Add-In Setup Wizard window is displayed.

8.   When the Select Installation Folder is displayed, select the "Everyone" radio button and then click Next.

9.   Click Next in the Confirm Installation window.

10.   Click Close when the Installation Complete window is displayed.
11.   Open a patient's chart to the Patient Tracking window.
12.   Click the Options button (version 12:  Display Options)
13.   Put a check in Scanned Documents.
14.   Click OK.

15.   Click the Save Changes link.



Sending an Email
1.  From the patient's information screen, click on the link to their email address.  This will also work from the responsible party information screen or even a doctor's information screen.
2.  Compose the email.
3.  Click Add-Ins.
NOTE:  If the Add-Ins tab is missing, you are using Outlook 2010, and it shows "Safe Mode"  on the title bar at the top, please see the following website.  The problem is caused by an issue with a Microsoft Windows update that was rolled out in early December 2015.
4.  Click Send to Pt. Tracking.
5.  Click Send to send the email.


Once the email is sent, a new entry will be created in Patient Tracking showing the sent email.



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