Orthotrac - How to Print a Report for any Type of Financial Transaction Posted to the Ledger (Ledger Scan) During a Date Range

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Sometimes you will need to see a list of specific types of financial transactions that were posted to patient ledgers during a specific date range.  The Ledger Scan will let you obtain this information.


NOTE:  You can also use this method to reprint transaction information from previous daysheets if the daysheet did not print out properly.


To run a Ledger Scan report:


1.  From the main menu of the OrthoTrac software, click Reports, Financial, Ledger Scan.


2.  Enter the beginning date under the first text box to the right of Print transactions posted between.


3.  Press <Tab>  on the keyboard.


4.  Enter the ending date under the second text box to the right of Print transactions posted between.


5.  Press <Tab> on the keyboard.


NOTE: When creating a new Ledger Scan report, skip step 6.


6.  Use the Previously Saved Settings drop-down box to select a report that has been saved previously.


7.  Select the Category from the category drop-down list.

8.  Double-click any transaction from the Available Transactions list box.  To remove a transaction from the Selected Transactions box that was added but not needed, double-click the transaction.

9.  Click By Patient to organize the scan by patient or By Responsible to organize by responsible party.


10.  Click Patient to include only patient transactions, Insurance to include only insurance transactions, or All to include patient and insurance transactions.


NOTE: Steps 11 and 12 are optional, used if you want to save this search with these options for later use.


11.  Click on the Apply button to save the report.


12.  Enter the name for the report and click on the OK button to save the report.


13.  Click OK to print the report.


14.  When the report has printed, click Cancel to close the Ledger Scan window.