Orthotrac: How to Print a Procedure History or Patient Tracking Report for Procedure Codes that were Posted for a Specific Date Range

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This information can be obtained in two different ways: via the Patient Patient Procedure History report from the Reports, Patient menu of the OrthoTrac software, or via the Patient Tracking report menu.  The Patient Tracking report will print all of the procedures that have been posted to the selected patients, not just that one desired procedure. 


Procedure History Report


1.  Click Reports, Patient, Patient Procedure History from the OrthoTrac main menu.


2.  Click Specific Dates from the Dates section.


3.  Enter the desired Start Date.


4.  Press the <Tab> key on the keyboard.


5.  Enter the desired End Date.


6.  Click on the OK button.



Patient Tracking Report


1.  From the main menu of the OrthoTrac software click Reports, Patient Tracking.


2.  Click Add New Report.


3.  Click in the Patients with Procedure Code Posted During Date Range check box to place a check in the box.


4.  When the Select Procedure Codes screen displays, double click on the desired procedure from the list to move the desired procedure to the Selected Procedure Code list box.  To select more than 1 procedure code, repeat step 4 for all additional desired procedure codes.


5.  Click on the OK button.


6.  Enter the beginning date in the From text box.


7.  Press the <Tab> key on the keyboard.


8.  Enter the ending date in the To text box.


9.  Click on the Apply button.


10.  Select the desired sort order from the Sort Patients By option list.


11.  Select the desired report type from the View Results as option list.


12.  Click on the Search button to print the report to the desired format.