Orthotrac Cloud - Changing or Deleting the Saved Citrix Receiver Username / Password on a Workstation

Document created by prcarter Employee on May 12, 2016
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Sometimes you may need to change the Cloud user ID that is being used on a particular workstation, usually because the same ID is being used on more than one PC.  Because the username and password are generally saved in Citrix, you aren't prompted to change them every time you log on.  To change the saved user ID on a given workstation, or just to prompt for the password every time you connect, follow the below steps:


1.  Right-click the Citrix Receiver icon in the Windows system tray of the session.

(NOTE: If this icon is not visible, click the upwards-pointing arrow at the left edge of the system tray, select Customize, locate Citrix Receiver Application on the list, and set it to Show icon and notifications.)


2.  Select About.

3.  Select Advanced.

4.  Click Online Plug-In Settings.


5.  Click Options.


6.  Click the Clear Saved Password button.

NOTE:  If Clear Saved Password is grayed out, this means the Citrix session does not have the password saved.  Simply exit Citrix and relaunch it and you will be prompted to log in again.  Change the displayed username to the new username that you wish to use and enter the password for that user.


7.  Click OK to close that window.


8.  Click Online Plug-In Settings.


9.  Click Log Off (or Log Off Sessions).

10.  Click Online Plug-In Settings.


11.  Click Logon to Refresh Applications.

12.  Enter the username and password.  If you are changing the user name from what is currently saved, enter the new ID to be used.

13.  If the new username and password combination is to be saved, check the box for Remember Password.  To be prompted for the username each time, leave Remember Password unchecked.


14.  Click OK to close the About window.