Orthotrac: How to Run a Report for Patients Who Had a No-Show During a Date Range

Document created by prcarter Employee on May 12, 2016
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The most accurate source of No Show information is the No-Show report (Reports, Schedule, NoShow Report), which should be run at the end of every day to ensure that all patients who did not appear for their appointments are properly marked as No-Shows.  Most offices that need detailed information on patient no-shows over a date range will retain these printed reports for a certain time period and then discard them once enough time has passed.


However, you can also run a Contact Experts search to find patients who have had no-shows in a specific date range.  The caveat with this report is that it will only find patients whose most recent no-show was in the date range specified.  If they have had another no-show since the date range you specify, they will not display in the results.  This is not generally an issue because offices that need to know information about historical no-shows typically only need this information for recent weeks or months, when the information is likely to be current anyway.


NOTE:  This report will only work when you have previously run the No-Show report and deleted the day from the schedule. Patients will not be counted as a no-show until the day is deleted from the schedule by running the no-show report or by deleting the day from the schedule in Schedule Maintenance.


To run this report:


1.  From the main Orthotrac menu, select Functions, Contact Experts.


2.  Select Appt No Show Date  from the list of Patient fields at the bottom.


3.  Select Is equal to from the drop down menu.


4.  Enter the beginning date in the Equals text box and press <Enter> on the keyboard.


5.  Enter the ending date in the Thru text box and press <Enter> on the keyboard.


6.  Click the Search button.


7.  When the search results are complete, click Appt No Show Date from the list of Patient fields at the bottom  (this will cause the actual no show date to display in the results along with the patient's name). 


8.  Click the Report button.


9.  Select the printer from the drop-down box.


10.  Click the Print button.