Orthotrac - How to Run a Report for Patients / Responsible Parties With or Without an Email Address

Document created by prcarter Employee on May 16, 2016
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To run a report for patients or responsible parties with (or without) an email address, follow the below steps:


1.  From the main menu of the OrthoTrac software click Functions, Contact Experts.


2.  Click on Pt Phone Type from the list of Patient Fields at the bottom of the screen.


3.  Select the Is equal to option from the drop-down list.  To create a report of patients without email addresses, select is not equal to.


4.  Select EM email from the list of phone types in the drop down list.


NOTE:  To find a list of patients whose responsible party does (or does not) have an email address, click Responsible Party Fields and Rsp Phone Type in step 2 instead.


5. Click the Search button.


6.  When the search results display click Pt Phone # from the list of patient fields to include the phone type on the report.


7.  Click Pt Phone Type to include the phone type in the report.


NOTE:  If the report was run to find reponsible parties with or without an email address, choose Rsp Phone # and Rsp Phone Type in steps 6 and 7 instead.


8.  Click the Report button.


9.  Click the Print button.


10.  Click the Apply button.  Saving the report is optional. When saving the report is not desired, skip steps 10 through 13, click Close and then click No.


11.  When Please enter a name for the new Attribute Set window displays, type the exact name to use to save the report.


12.  Click the OK button.


13.  Message box Name Attribute Set is displayed.  Select Yes to overwrite the previous report.