Orthotrac - How to Add Days to the Schedule in Schedule Maintenance

Document created by prcarter Employee on May 23, 2016
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1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Schedule Maintenance.


2.  Click the Add Days button.


3.  Select the desired location from the Office drop down list.  The Office drop down list will not be displayed if there is only one schedule location in the Maintenance window.


4.  Select the schedule standard to be used from the Standards drop down list.  All days added must have the same standard.   If different standards are needed for different days of the week the days using one standard must be added then repeat the process for days using the different standard.


5.  Select the doctor to be used from the Doctors drop down list.  The Doctors drop down list will not be displayed if there is only one doctor in the Maintenance window.


6.  Click on the days to be scheduled.  You may also use the Quick Click Bar at the bottom of the screen to select all Mondays, all Tuesdays, and so on.  If you select a day and then change your mind, click that day again to deselect it.  If you want to clear all days currently selected, click the Clear Selected Days button.


NOTE:  Days can be added to the schedule up to 18 months from the current month.  The program does not currently allow you to add days beyond the 18 month window.


7.  Click the Assign button.


8.  If days are to be added for a different office or for days with a different standard repeat steps 3 through 7 as necessary.


9.  Click the Cancel button to exit the Add Calendar Days window.


10.  Click Close to exit the Schedule Maintenance window.