PracticeWorks: Adding or Changing Insurance Information on the Patient Clipboard

Document created by tshaw Employee on Aug 23, 2016
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Follow the steps below to change Insurance entries.


1. Open the Clipboard of the patient in question.

2. Click Insurance.

3. Locate the insurance information that is incorrect (Primary, Secondary, etc.).

4. Change the incorrect insurance information's button setting from its present position to the desired position, according to the guidelines below.

  • In cases where the insurance coverage is being ELIMINATED entirely, move the button to None, and then advance to Step 7.
  • In cases where the insurance coverage is being CHANGED from one company or plan to another, switch the button to None to remove the current coverage and then move the button back to the appropriate button (Self, Spouse, Child, etc.).
  • In cases where the insurance coverage is being ADDED for the first time, move the button from None to the appropriate setting Self, Spouse, Child, etc.


***IMPORTANT NOTE - When assigning new coverage for the first time on a dependent's Clipboard (such as a child's Clipboard or a spouse's Clipboard), it is necessary to add the coverage onto the Clipboard of the Insured Party FIRST. For example, when a father brings his son into the office for an Appointment and presents his new insurance card, this new insurance information should be placed directly on the father's Clipboard, at which point the software will automatically make the identical changes on the son's Clipboard. It cannot be done the other way around.***


5. When the Pick List appears, highlight the desired selection.

6. Click OK to make the change, and close the Pick List.

7. Click OK to close the Insurance page of the Clipboard.