PracticeWorks: Resubmitting a Claim with Updated Treatment Information

Document created by tshaw Employee on Aug 23, 2016
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Follow the steps below to resubmit a claim with revised treatment information.


1. Click Lists > People.


2. Select the name of the patient that insurance needs to be resubmitted for.


3. Click OK.


4. On the Patient's Clipboard, click Ledger.


 5. Highlight the Procedure that must to be submitted to insurance. NOTE: If multiple procedures were added, select just the first new one at this time.


 6. At the bottom right corner of the Ledger Card screen, click Correct Entry. A Warning - Insurance Related Procedure dialog box will appear.


 7. Click Yes. The Correct Ledger Entry screen will appear.


 8. Click (Re)Submit procedure to insurance.


 9. Select the applicable Insurance carrier, whether primary or secondary.


 10. Click Make Correction.


 11. The Submission of First-Time Claim Only dialog box will appear. Click Yes.


 12. Repeat Steps 6 through 12 for any remaining Procedures that need to be included in the Claim. After all relevant procedures have a status of pW, proceed to Step 14.


 13. Click OK at the bottom right corner of the Ledger Card window. The Print and Submit Options window will appear.


 14. Select the relevant options for a Claim submission, and click OK. The Insurance Submittal Information window will appear.


 15. Select the relevant details for submission. For example, in cases where the office wishes to accept assignment of benefits, check the Accept assignment of benefits box. Then, click OK.


16. Verify the details on the Insurance Submittal Information window, particularly in the First visit date current series field, and click OK.


 This will submit the claim. Depending on the criteria selected, a paper Claim will print, or the Claim will be queued for electronic submission.