PracticeWorks: Changing Insurance Forms for All Insurance Companies

Document created by tshaw Employee on Aug 25, 2016
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To perform a mass change of the claim forms used by all insurance companies, so that all companies are set to use the same form, follow these steps:

   Note: Verify that they have a good, recent data backup before you run any Utility.


1. Click Start in the corner of the computer screen.


2. Click All Programs.


3. Click CS PracticeWorks.


4. Click Utilities.


5. Click Patches.


6. Click Change Insurance Form.


7. Click Run selected patch.


8. Click the drop-down arrow next to From: to select the name of the form you no longer wish to use.


9. Click the drop-down arrow next to To:  to select the name of the new form that will replace the From: form.


10. Click OK.


11. Click Yes on the verification message if the correct From and To information appears as desired.


12. Click OK when the software displays the number of companies for which forms were changed.


13. Repeat steps 6 through 12 as many times as necessary to change the other forms to the new one. (To switch all companies over to the ADA 2012 form, you must run this utility first to switch from the ADA 2002 to the ADA 2012, then again to switch from the ADA 2006 to the ADA 2012, and a third time to change the generic ADA Form to the ADA 2012, etc.)


14. Click Close to close the list of Patches.


15.Click Close to close the list of Utilities.


You should also reset the software's default so that any new insurance company added to the Insurance Company Pick List will automatically be set up with the new claim form.