Prompted to Reenter Username / Password on Windows Server 2008 Logon Screen When Launching Orthotrac Cloud From Desktop Icon

Document created by prcarter Employee on Sep 15, 2016
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When launching OrthoTrac Cloud from the desktop shortcut, the user first receives a message that their user name or password is incorrect, followed by a prompt to reenter the password on a Windows Server 2008 logon screen, as seen below:



This is not usually an issue with an incorrect login or password, but an indication that a setting is incorrect in Citrix Receiver for that particular workstation.  Follow the below steps to correct the issue.



1.  Right-click the Citrix Receiver icon in the system tray.


2.  Click About.


3.  Click Advanced.


4.  Click Online Plug-in Settings.


5.  Click Options.


6.  Verify that the Logon Mode is currently set to "Pass-through authentication", as seen below:



7.  Use the Logon Mode pull-down menu to set the logon mode to Prompt user.


8.  Click OK to close the Options window.


9.  Click OK to close the About window.


You should now be able to launch all Cloud applications without being prompted for additional credentials.


In some rare cases the setting is already set to "Prompt User"  but the window still appears.  In these cases, close the Server 2008 login window, exit completely from Citrix Receiver, restart it, then try again.  The problem should be resolved.


In some extremely rare cases verifying or correcting this setting and restarting Citrix Receiver is still not enough to fix the problem.  In those cases, there may be a "ghost" session active on the application server.  Please contact Orthotrac Support at 866-722-2567 or via email at  for assistance.