How to Add a New Predefined Comment in Charting Maintenance

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How to add a new predefined comment that is frequently used in charting.




Add a predefined comment in the Charting Maintenance window.



1. From the OrthoTrac main menu, click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Charting Maintenance.


Version 11:


Version 11



Version 12:





2.  Click the Edit button in the Predefined Comments section.



3. Click Add New in the Edit Predefined Comments window.



4.  Enter the desired comment code with a maximum of three characters.


5.  Press <Tab> on the keyboard.


6.  Enter the desired comment.



NOTE: To enter a comment which has multiple lines (as in the screenshot below), press <CTRL-Enter> on your keyboard at the end of each line to force a carriage return. Pressing <Enter> by itself will cause the cursor to move to the OK button.


7.  Press <Tab> on the keyboard.


8.  Click OK on the Edit Predefined Comments window.


9.  Click OK on the next Edit Predefined Comments window.


10.  Click OK on the Charting Maintenance window.


11.  Click OK on the System Update window.


12.  Restart OrthoTrac.



NOTE:  Is is now possible (in OrthoTrac version 12 or higher) to print a list of the Predefined Comments.  Simply click the Print button next to the Predefined Comments in the Charting Maintenance window.
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