How to View, Print, or Purge Data From the HIPAA Security Audit Log

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How to view, print, or purge data from the HIPAA Security Audit log.



The HIPAA Security Audit Log feature tracks the successful/unsuccessful login and logout activity of the staff and the software functions that are accessed. The feature also enables a staff member with security access to purge selected portions of the data.


NOTE:  The feature must be enabled through System Maintenance before the report can be viewed. Keep in mind that the system will only track activity from the time the Security Audit Logging feature is turned on; it is not retroactive.  For information on enabling the HIPAA Security Audit Logging feature, please see the article How to Turn the "HIPAA Security Audit Logging" Option On or Off


Also note that once the feature is enabled, a staff member must have security permissions to this specific report in order to view or print it.  For information on enabling permissions for a staff member to print this report, please see the article  How to Setup Security Maintenance for a Staff Member to have Permissions to Print HIPAA Security Audit Log.


To view or print the HIPAA Security Audit Log:



1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Reports, Miscellaneous, View HIPAA Security Audit Log. The HIPAA Security Audit Log Viewer window is displayed.


2.  In the User field, use the drop-down list to select a staff member, or leave it set to <All Users> to create a report for all staff members in the system.

3.  In the Date Range From and To fields, type the dates for which you want a report.

4.  Click Search. The report results are displayed in the window.

By default, the log is displayed in descending order by ID record number (that is, in reverse chronological order). Click on a column head to sort the log by that criterion in either ascending or descending order.

Resize the columns to view more text by floating the pointer over the line between two headers until a line with a double arrow is displayed. Drag the column in either direction.

6.  To determine specific patient information for a particular line, click and hold the left mouse button while the mouse pointer is anywhere over that particular line.  A pop-up window will display showing the patient information.  In the graphic below, the "Access - Individual Claims" line from 7:40 AM has been clicked.


NOTE: Certain features, such as "Add Claims", "Remove Claims", and "Write-Offs", do not write the patient counter to the logfile.  Instead, the system will display "No Counter Available For this Type".  In cases like these, simply refer to the line immediately before the line in question to determine which patient was being accessed.

5.  To print the report, click Print. The HIPAA Security Log Print Options window is displayed. Select an option button to preview, print, or export the report and click OK.

6.  Click Close on the HIPAA Security Audit Log Viewer window to close the window.



To purge data from the HIPAA Security Audit Log:


1.  From the HIPAA Security Audit Log Viewer window, click Purge. The Purge HIPAA Security Audit Log window is displayed.

The default date is one year prior to the current date. To change this date, select the default date and type the date before which all log entries should be deleted. Then click OK to begin the purge process.


NOTE: Once the purge process is started, the purged information cannot be retrieved! Make sure the date selected is correct before clicking OK.

Also note that the staff member attempting to purge data from the HIPAA Security Audit Log must have security permissions to do so. Additionally, the logfile cannot be selectively purged to remove only certain entries -- it will remove all entries prior to the date selected.

2.  Click Close on the HIPAA Security Audit Log Viewer window to close the window.



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