How to Prevent Staff Members from Viewing Timeclock Errors, Timeclock Reports, and Adjusting Time Cards

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How to stop certain staff members from viewing Timeclock errors, Timeclock reports, and adjusting time cards.



Set the appropriate permissions in Security Maintenance.


1. Select Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Security from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

NOTE: This process must be performed by the security administrator. The security administrator is the person who has permission to make changes in the Security under Maintenance/Set-up screen in the following steps.


Because this process involves changing security within OrthoTrac this process must not be performed by Carestream unless a note (on letterhead) from the doctor or office manager requesting the change is sent to Carestream. 


2. Select By Staff.

3. Use the pull-down list to select a staff member that should NOT have access to modifying time cards or to Timeclock Maintenance.

4. Select Maintenance from the Category section.

5. Use the pull-down list to the right of Timeclock Maintenance to set it to NO.

6. Use the pull-down list to the right of Security Maintenance to set it to NO.

NOTE: This step will prevent the staff member from making security-related changes. It is necessary because otherwise they can simply enter Security Maintenance themselves and change their permissions back.

7. Select Other from the Category section.

8. Use the pull-down list to the right of Adjust Timecards to set it to NO.

9. Select Reports from the Category section.

10. Use the pull-down list to the right of Timeclock Reports to set it to NO.

11. Use the pull-down list to the right of Timeclock View Errors to set it to NO.

12. Click OK.

13. Click OK on the System Update message.

14. Repeat steps 01 through 12 for each staff member to be blocked from these features.

15. Restart OrthoTrac.


NOTE:  It is possible to lock all of these features in Time Clock, but it is not possible to prevent staff members from viewing another staff member's time card (by clicking on their name in Time Clock and then clicking the Time Card button to view their hours).  However, they will not be able to change or adjust the other staff member's time card if permissions are adjusted as shown above. 



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