SoftDent:  Billing Date Precedes Last Closing Date When Posting Transactions

Document created by john.wildharber Employee on May 15, 2017
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This warning is displayed when a final daysheet has been generated for a date in the future, a final daysheet has been generated for today but users are still posting transactions, or a transaction has been added to a date in the past after date's daysheet has been finalized.  When this occurs it will be necessary to reset the daysheet date to the previous day's date.  The message will continue to occur until the View/Reset Last Daysheet Date utility is run  The View/Reset Last Daysheet Date utility takes very little time to run.


  1. Close SoftDent on all machines
  2. Open SoftDent Software Utilities from the server
  3. From the main menu, select Maintenance
  4. Select RCVTOT Utilities from the drop list
  5. Select View/Reset Last Daysheet Date
  6. Reset the last daysheet date to the date prior to the current day
  7. Select Reset
  8. Click Ok
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