The Total Balance Does Not Equal the Remaining Balance on the Contract

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The total balance for a patient does not equal the remaining balance on the patient's contract.


Solution:  The Total Balance and the contract Remaining Balance will only be equal when the current balance is zero.

The Total Balance is the total amount of all charges that have been entered (and not yet paid.)  This includes all forms of charges -- contract total balance, procedures with charges, late fees and insufficient fund fees minus any payments or charge adjustments.

The Current Balance is how much of the Total Balance is due at this time.

Contract Remaining balance is the difference between the Total and the Current balance. The formula is: Current + Contract Remaining Balance = Total.  What is currently due right now (represented by the Current balance) + what is due in the future, (represented by the contract Remaining balance) = the total balance left to be paid, (represented by the Total balance).



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