Unknown Credit Card In Batch Settlement Report With Encrypted / Strange Characters

Document created by prcarter Employee on May 22, 2017
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Credit card transaction(s) display in settlement batch with encrypted / weird / funny characters.



This issue has been found to occur when access to the credit card database has been limited by the Windows user's profile security. You may be able to follow these steps to attempt to recover the transaction(s) within the batch.


Grant Administrator privileges to Orthotrac

1. Close OrthoTrac completely.
2. Right-click the OrthoTrac Icon on the desktop and select Properties.
3. Select the Advanced button in the lower right.
4. Check the box to “Run As Administrator” then click OK to save. (You may be prompted that you will need administrator clearance to continue. Upon clicking continue, if prompted for login credentials, you will need to refer to your hardware technician to have Administrator rights granted to user profile.)
5. Log into OrthoTrac and preview the settlement to see if the transaction displays normally.
NOTE: You can also right click the OrthoTrac Icon from the desktop and select “Run As Administrator” to allow temporary administrator level privilege to OrthoTrac; however it is recommended to try the permanent fix to avoid future issues.


Turn off User Account Controls (UAC)
1. Close OrthoTrac completely.
2. Click the Start Menu in the lower left and go to Control Panel.
3. Select User Accounts to display the User accounts.
4. Select the current user and click on the option to change User account control settings.
5. Set UAC level to lowest settings and click OK to save changes. At this point the User will be prompted to reboot their machine to permanently save settings.
6. Once the system has beeen rebooted, log into OrthoTrac and preview the settlement to see if transaction displays normally.


If these steps do not work to correct the displayed transaction(s), please contact E-Services Support at 888-730-9284




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