How to Change the Contract Charge Dates on an Active Contract for all Future Charges

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To change the date (for future charges) that contract charges are applied.

There are two possible changes to the contract dates. One is to change the specific month that the next charge rolls in without changing the overall day of the month. The other is to change the Roll Day only, which will modify the contract so all future charges occur on that same day of the month. Once a contract has been entered either of these dates can be modified.


At this time there is not a way to change the roll day for an insurance contract. The only solution is to remove the contract and enter it again. Keep in mind that when a contract is deleted then reentered, the contract counter on the daysheet will be inflated since it counts the contract twice. To prevent the contract counter from being off on the daysheet, add the new contract back in as a Payment Plan instead of a contract, which will not count as a new contract in the daysheet contract counter.


To modify the next charge month only (not the day of the month, only the month itself), make the changes in the Contracts and Payment Plans window.
How to Change the Month Only for the Next Contract Charge
This solution only applies to contracts that respread all remaining charges evenly. If the charges are spread unevenly it will be necessary to go back and enter the correct amount for the payments.

1. Click Functions, Financial Functions, Contracts and Payment Plans from the main menu of OrthoTrac.
2. Select the patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.
3. Click OK.
4. Double-click the next charge Date from the charge grid on the right .
5. Enter the month and year. It must be a different month from the month currently shown. For example, if the currently shown date is 12/10/2012, you can change it to 01/10/2012, but you cannot change it to 12/25/2012 (a different day on the same month). To change the roll day itself, you must change the Roll Day for all dates, as shown in the next section. When changing the month, the "day" part of the date will auto-populate based on the Roll Day.
6. Press <Enter> to re spread the remaining payments.
7. Press <Ctrl-S> to post the change.


To change the day of the month (that is, the date for all future charges instead of just one month):
How to Change the Roll Day (Day of the Month)
Note that the roll day can only be changed when the System Maintenance option has been set to allow multiple due dates.


1. Click Functions, Financial Functions, Charges from the main menu of OrthoTrac.
2. Select the patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.
3. Click OK.
2. Click the Overview tab.
3. Click in the Roll Day text box.
4. Enter the new roll day. The roll day will only be changed for the responsible party, it will not be changed for the insurance.
5. Press <Enter>.
6. When the Change Roll Day message box is displayed, click Yes to save the change.
7. Click Functions, Contracts and Payment Plans, Setup Contract to view the contract window and verify that the roll day has been changed.




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