How to Create, Transmit, and Retrieve Electronic Claims

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To create, transmit, and retrieve electronic claims in OrthoTrac


Create electronic claims from the Functions, Insurance Functions, Claim Processing menu.

NOTE: Electronic claims must be created, transmitted and then retrieved in that order. Once a batch of claims have been created, they must be transmitted and retrieved prior to creating another batch of claims. The Transmit button will not be active until all claims that have errors are fixed or removed from the current batch. After transmitting the claims the office staff must wait up to 24 hours before attempting to retrieve the transaction report.

1. Click Functions, Insurance Functions, Claim Processing from the main menu of OrthoTrac.
2. Click Create Electronic Claims under the Processing Options section.
3. Click Create.
4. Select the appropriate Date on Signature Lines option.
5. Click OK.
6 . When the Generate Electronic Claims window is displayed, click Yes to the Message "Do you want to process these claims now?".
7. Click Edit/View Claims.
8. Verify that there are no errors on any of the claims.
9. If there are errors on claims, highlight the claim with the error by clicking on it then click Remove.
NOTE: Claims with errors will must be fixed prior to sending them. Write down the claims that have errors and enter the missing information on the claims before sending the next batch. They will then be included on the next batch created.
10. Verify that all the claims with errors have been flagged as removed.
11. Click Transmit.
NOTE: Wait up to 24 hours before attempting to retrieve the transaction report.



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