How to Add a New Patient ID Number Sequence for Each Office Location

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To add a new patient ID number sequence for each office location.

Patient numbering can be setup to include different number sequences for multiple office locations. This is accomplished by adding sequences with starting numbers that indicate the individual offices. For example, location 1 may be starting number of 10000001 and location 2 may be starting with 20000001. Once patient numbering is setup and "Enter Number Manually - [Enter] Assigns Next Number" is chosen as the numbering option, when adding a patient OrthoTrac will prompt for the sequence to use by location name. Select the name for the location and OrthoTrac will use the next available number for that location.


NOTE: You cannot use the "System Assigns Number" option with multiple numbering sequences. Choosing this option will cause the system to automatically assign a number from the first available numbering sequence.

1. From the main menu of the OrthoTrac software, click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, System Maintenance.
2. Select Patient Add Options.
3. Select Patient Numbering.
4. Choose the Enter Number Manually - <Enter> Assigns Next Number option.
5. Double-click Add New Sequence.
6. Type the name for the first location in the empty window.
7. Press <Enter>.
8. Type the next number in the Next Number window using one as the first number.
9. Press <Enter>.
10. Double-click Add New Sequence.
11. Type the name for the second location in the empty window.
12. Press <Enter>.
13. Type the next number in the Next Number window using two as the first number.
14. Press <Enter>.
15. Repeat steps 10 through 14 until a sequence has been added for each location.




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