Error (Run-Time Error 53 - File Not Found) When Letter Is Being Saved to Document Storage / Saving Changes to a Letter

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When confirming a letter and it is being saved to document storage the following error is presented.  This may occur after using the Edit Letter function and making changes then exiting the letter, or it may occur after printing the letter and confirming it to document storage.


Either the antivirus program on the PC has quarantined the AWPSave.exe file, or the PATH environmental variable in the computer's system properties does not have the path to AWPSave.exe set.

NOTE: The primary cause of this error is that the antivirus program on the computer has quarantined / removed the \OMS\AWPSave.exe file. CHECK THIS FIRST.

Checking the Antivirus Program
1. Browse to the \OMS\ folder on the computer (usually C:\OMS, but may vary if Orthotrac was installed to a different directory)  and look for the AWPSave.exe file. If it is missing, open the antivirus program (steps will vary depending on the program) and check its quarantine list. If \OMS\AWPSave.exe is in the list, it will need to be restored and an exclusion added to prevent the antivirus program from checking the \OMS folder on the computer.

If the AV program has not removed the file, but the error still occurs, try temporarily disabling the antivirus program and attempting to post/print/confirm the letter again. If the process works, then the antivirus program is doing something else to block or prevent the AWPSave.exe file from executing and your local tech will have to be notified to correct the issue.

If the AV program has not removed the file and temporarily disabling the AV does not allow the process to work, proceed with the below steps.


Add the path to the AWPSave.exe to the PATH environmental variable

1. Right click My Computer and choose Properties.

2. Click the Advanced tab.

3. Click the Environmental Variables button at the bottom of the window.

4. Scroll down through the System variables section until you see the Path variable.

5. Click Path then Edit.

6. At the end of the Variable Value box append ;C:\OMS or the path to the OrthoTrac program files. Be sure to include that semicolon at the beginning.

7. Click OK to the Edit System Variables window, OK to the Environment Variables window, OK to the System Properties window.

8. Reboot the computer.

9. Print an AWPS letter and confirm it to verify the issue is resolved. 




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