SoftDent: How to Display History Appointments On the Scheduler

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How to display History Appointments on the Schedule


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Applies to Classic Scheduler versions 10.0.1 – 14.x.x and version 16.x.x
  * Does not apply to any version of 15.x.x or version 116.x.x




When the appointment history feature is enabled, the previous day's appointments do not appear on the scheduler. This results when the missed appointments list has not been run for the previous day. The missed appointments report must be run for the past day's appointments to appear on the scheduler. There is no direct report that will show a patient's appointment history. The Scheduler Audit trail or Tickler File report can be viewed or printed for more information regarding the specified patient.


Setting the Scheduler to Save History Appointments


1. Click System in the main menu bar.
2. Select Change System Settings.
3. Select Scheduler.
4. Put a check in the box labeled "Save appointments to history when transaction is posted".
5. Click OK to save the changes.


Running the Missed Appointments Report to Make the History Appointments Visible


1. Click Reports in the main menu bar.
2. Select Recall/Appt.
3. Select Missed Appointments.
4. Select the desired output option by clicking on the appropriate radio button.
5. Review the "Missed Appointment Report Setup" window.


IMPORTANT: Make certain that the date in the field labeled "List All Missed Appointments On Or Before:" is not the current day's date or a future date, but the previous day's date) If the current or a future date is selected ALL appointments not posted for the current or future date will be removed from the scheduler.


6. Click OK.
7. Allow SOFTDENT Software to generate the report and clear the missed appointments.
8. Check the previous day in the scheduler to verify that the posted appointments are now saved.


Locating and Viewing History Appointments in the Scheduler


Once appointments have been saved to the scheduler history they can be viewed by either paging back through the normal Daily Appointments or accessing the [History Appointments] option.


Sections 1 and 2 must be completed before History Appointments can be viewed.


1. Click Scheduler in the main menu bar.
2. Select History Appointment.
3. Select the necessary date range of history appointments and select OK.


Depending on the length of the date range this may take some time to generate.


4. Page to the proper date using the [-], [+], or Find buttons.
5. To view an appointment click on the appointment select View Appt in the express bar. Or right-click the appointment and select [View Appt...].


Viewing History Appointments in a Patient's "Appointments" Window


The first and second sections of this article must be completed before History Appointments can be viewed.


1. Click List.
2. Select Patient.
3. Locate and click to highlight the necessary patient.
4. Select Appointments in the express bar or press <S> on the keyboard.
5. Check "Include History Appointments" in the "Appointments" window. This checkbox is displayed close to the bottom left of the displayed window.
6. The History Appointments for this patient will be displayed in a purple color, highlight the appointment that needs to be viewed and click View Appt in the express bar or press on the keyboard.

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