SoftDent: How Do I Generate or Print the Transaction Audit Trail Report in Order to Track Missing Transactions?

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How do I generate or print the Transaction Audit Trail report in order to track missing transactions?


Is there an Audit Trail that tracks new, modified, or deleted transactions?




This report lists any new transactions, modifications, or deletions. It includes date/time, user, description of the transaction, patient ID/name, code type, production provider (Dr), type of transaction, amount, transaction date, and collection provider (Dr$).


Printing the Transaction Audit Trail


1. Click Reports.
2. Select Audit Trail.
3. Select Transaction Audit Trail.
4. Select the desired method of running the audit trail. The 5 choices are:

Date: Will track by the date the transaction was entered.

User: Will track by the user who entered, modified, or deleted the transaction.

Patient Name: Will track by the patient for whom the transaction was entered, modified, or deleted.

Collection Doctor: Will track by the collection doctor the transaction was entered for.

Transaction Date: Will track by the transaction date of service, regardless of the date it was actually entered.


5. Click OK.
6. Enter the desired criteria based on the method used to run the report.
7. Click OK on the report setup window to generate the report.


Viewing the Transaction Audit Trail


1. Click System.
2. Select View Audit Trails.
3. Select Transaction Audit Trails.


The Transaction Audit Trails will ONLY track added, modified, or deleted transactions. It will not track user code changes, patient information changes, insurance plan changes, etc.