SoftDent: Why Can’t Single or Certain Patient Appointments be Edited, Viewed, Canceled, Deleted, or Moved? (The Appointment is not Responding)

Document created by chriscornett Employee on Jul 13, 2017
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Why can’t single or certain patient appointments be edited, viewed, canceled, deleted, or moved? (the appointment is not responding)




When attempting to cancel, move, edit, cancel, delete, view, shorten, lengthen, check in, or check out an appointment via the scheduler none of these options are selectable or possible. These are not Ghost Appointments.

One reason this may appear on the scheduler is because a Missed Appointments report is not consistently run.


Performing the Missed Appointments Report


IMPORTANT: Make certain that the date in the field labeled "List All Missed Appointments On Or Before:" is not the current day's date or a future date, but the previous day's date) If the current or a future date is selected ALL appointments not posted for the current or future date will be removed from the scheduler


1. Click Reports.
2. Select Missed Appointments.
3. The "Output Options" window is displayed.
4. Select Print to display the Missed Appointment Report Setup window.
5. To add missed appointments to the Tickler file, select Enter Missed Appointments into Tickler.
6. To remove Scheduler colors and blocked slots, select Remove Colors from Scheduler.
7. Click OK to process the settings.

Placing the Appointment in the Tickler and Canceling


1. Right-click the appointment.
2. Click Cancel Appt
3. Move the appointment to the Tickler File.
4. Delete the appointment within the Tickler File.
5. Reschedule the appointment accordingly.

Canceling the Appointment

(If right-clicking the appointment displays no options)

1. Click List in the main menu bar.
2. Select Patient.
3. Locate and double-click the patient in question.
4. Click Appointments in the Express bar.
5. If the appointment appears in the "Appointments" window then highlight the appointment and click Cancel Appt and reschedule the appointment accordingly.
6. If the appointment does NOT appear in the "Appointments" window then it is likely that it is a "Ghost Appointment".