WinOMS: How to close a day(s) in the scheduler - column scheduling

Document created by paula1 Employee on Jul 14, 2017
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NOTE: The scheduler MUST BE CLOSED on the workstation making scheduler changes prior to performing the following steps.


  1. Click Scheduler.
  2. Click Setup Scheduler.
  3. Click Slot Setup.
  4. Select 'Office' from Office drop down box.
  5. Select 'Provider' from Staff drop down box.
  6. Enter day to close in the 'Dates to Setup' date boxes.

    NOTE: If only one day is being closed in the scheduler, enter the same date in both the 'From' and "To' date boxes
  7. Uncheck day(s) which are to remain open.

    Example: For example if 7/03/2017 is to be closed, 7/03/2017 falls on a Monday.  Remove checkmarks from all days except Monday.
  8. Enter hours to close.
  9. Click Close Days.