SoftDent: How to Run the Insurance Plan Rollover and Treatment Plan Recalculation of Benefits

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How are insurance benefits "rolled over" or reset for each individual month? How are insurance benefits at the end of the year reset for patients?


Once a month, the Insurance Plan Rollover should be run in order to reset insurance benefits for any patients depending upon their anniversary date. While most insurance benefits are going to rollover at the start of the year, some insurance companies or plans may rollover on a month other than January.

When running the plan rollover it is recommended to run the Treatment Plan Recalculation of Benefits utility as well. It is important to run this utility at the BEGINNING of the month BEFORE any transactions are posted. These two utilities generally take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. Larger datasets may take longer. It is generally recommended to perform this function when no users are currently entering transactions.

Performing the Insurance Plan Rollover

1. Click Insurance in the main menu bar.
2. Select Insurance Plan Rollover. The following message will appear:

"Running the Insurance Rollover utility will scan through all of the accounts in your database to determine if any of the guarantor's insurance plans are due to have their benefits reset (based on the anniversary date of the plan).

Running for: (101) Office 101

3. Click OK when the message above is displayed.
4. Once SOFTDENT Software is done performing this function, the message "Insurance Rollover is Completed" will be displayed. Click [OK].

Performing the Treatment Plan Recalculation of Benefits

1. Click Insurance in the main menu bar.
2. Select Treatment Plan Recalc of Benefits. SOFTDENT Software will prompt the user with the following message:

"Before recalculating the treatment plans it is a good idea to run the Insurance Plan Rollover utility so that the insurance benefits for all your patients can be reset if their plan's anniversary has passed.

Do you want to run the Insurance Plan Rollover utility before continuing with the Treatment Plan Recalculation?

3. Click No to bypass the Insurance Plan Rollover utility. The "Treatment Plan Recalculation of Benefits" utility will be performed.
4. Choose Yes to print the Treatment Plan Recalculation log if so desired.