OrthoTrac: How To Setup a Payment Plan

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In CS OrthoTrac a Payment Plan differs from a Contract in only one way.  Unless the Daysheet Setup has been modified a Payment Plan does NOT count toward production but a Contract does.  Because of this a Payment Plan should be used when an existing balance is to be set up on a 'contract.'  A Contract is used when the balance does not yet exist on the account.


1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Financial Functions, Totals.
2.  Select the patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.
3.  Click OK.
4.  Confirm that the Total and Current balance for the responsible party are equal to each other.  If they are not, post a Current Only balance adjustment before moving to the next step.
5.  Press <Ctrl+Y>.
6.  When the Existing Balance message appears, select Yes.
7.  Click OK in the Existing Balance Transfer window ONLY IF the amount of the new Payment Plan is correct in the Total Contract field.
NOTE:  If additional funds are to be added to the contract the additional amount can be entered in the +New Contract field.
8.  Click OK.
9.  When the Contract window is displayed, select the contract description from the pull-down list.
NOTE: The balance being transferring into this new Payment Plan can be distributed among the responsible parties in the same way that a new contract amount can be distributed.  For the sake of simplicity this knowledge page will assume that the entire balance will go to one responsible party.
10.  Press <Tab> until the cursor reaches the Initial Fee field.
11.  Click the Payment Plan radio button.
NOTE: Selecting Payment Plan instead of Contract will ensure that the balance will not be counted toward production.  Contracts count toward production but Payment Plans do not.  Because of this it is a good idea to use Contract when there is no balance on the account and use Payment Plan if the balance is already on the account.
12.  Click in the Initial Fee field.
13.  Enter the amount of the Initial Fee and press <Tab>.
14.  Enter the payment amount and press <Tab>.
15.  Press <Tab> until the cursor reaches the Cont. Start Date field.
16.  Press <Ctrl-S> to post the Payment Plan.
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