OrthoTrac: How to Add a New Procedure Code

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1.   From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click FunctionsMaintenance/Set-upProcedure Code Maintenance.

2.  Click Add New.

3.  Enter the procedure code in the Proc. Code text box.  The code can be an alphabet character or a number or a combination of both, from 1 to 3 characters.

***NOTE: The <Tab> key will move the cursor to the next box.  This can be used throughout this process.

4.   Enter the charge amount in the Charge Amount text box.

5.   Enter the procedure description in the Description text box.

6.  Enter the ADA code in the ADA Code text box.

7.  Enter the insurance charge amount in the Ins. $ text box.

8.  Enter the Insurance description (if different from the one displayed) in the Ins. Desc. text box.

9.  Enter the CPT code in the CPT Code text box.

***NOTECPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology.  For more information on CPT use this link.

10.  Select a category for the procedure code from the Category drop-down box.

***NOTE: All of the following items through step 21 are optional.

11.   Click in the Appt. Type text box to link an associated appointment type to this procedure.

12.  Click on the option to set the procedure to automatically change the status of the patient when the procedure is posted for a patient.  Multiple statuses can be selected which will provide more than one to choose from when posting the procedure to the patient.

13.   Double-click the appropriate statuses from the list of Available Statuses.

14.   Click OK when the appropriate statuses have been selected.

15.   Click on the option to set the procedure to automatically post a letter when the procedure is posted for a patient.  Multiple letters can be selected which will then provide a list of letters to select from when the procedure is posted to the patient.

16.   Double-click the appropriate letters from the list of Available Letters.

17.   Click OK when the appropriate letters have been selected.

18.  Select the option to set the procedure to automatically post additional procedures when this procedure is posted for a patient.  Multiple procedures can be selected.

19.  Double-click the appropriate procedures from the list of Available Procedures.

20.   Click OK when all the appropriate procedures have been selected.

21.   Click any check box option in the Procedure Code Options section.  A check in the check box indicates that the action will be posted when posting the procedure code to the patient.

22.  Click OK on the Procedure Code Maintenance window to save the new procedure.

23.   When the "Procedure Code Maintenance - You will need to update coverage fields with changes." message is displayed, click OK.

24.  When the System Update message is displayed, click OK.

[[Article #: 2134ATL]]