OrthoTrac: How to Print the Recall List / Recall Report

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To print a Recall Report / Recall List.


Print the report from the Reports menu for schedule recalls.


1. From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Reports, Schedule, Recall List.


2. Select either Month/Year, Alpha, or All Alpha Recalls from the Recall Date section.


Month/Year refers to recalls that were scheduled by the month/year.


Alpha refers to recalls scheduled as Alpha recalls. This option allows the report to be run for a single Alpha recall type and requires entering the Alpha type in the box that appears when it is selected.


All Alpha Recalls runs the report for all alpha recalls.


3. Select the recall type from the Recall Type area. Selecting Specific Recall Type will require entering the recall type in the box that appears when it is selected.


4. Select which location the report should include by selecting Specific Location and selecting the location from the drop-down box. If all locations should be on the report select All Locations.


5. Select which Doctor should be included in the report by selecting Specific Doctor and selecting the doctor from the pull-down list. If the report is to include all doctors select All Doctors.


6. Click Include Address if the patient's address should be included in the report.


7. Click Print.



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