SoftDent: Billing Statements are not Generated for Specific Accounts when Running Monthly Statements

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When running billing statements certain accounts may not have a statement generated.



This issue can be caused by an Accounts Insurance Calculation Method (ICM), Account User Codes, Date of the Accounts last statement, Insurance Balance vs Account Balance, Credit Balance on the Account or The Account had a billing statement in a batch that was stopped before it could finish generating.


Insurance Calculation Method #1 & Outstanding Insurance:


If an account's ICM is set to "1" and insurance is still outstanding for ANY claim on the account then no statement will be sent.

Check the "Outstanding Insurance" from the Account Transactions for ANY outstanding claim (Except pre-authorizations).

Also check the "Claim Status" of each transaction for the account, make sure all transactions with claims have "PD ###" or "Not Sent" as their claim status.


Account User Codes:


If an account has the user code "N" then no statement will generate. "N" is a default SOFTDENT account user code that can be applied to accounts if they do not wish to generate a statement for that account.

When running statements the user codes "C, I, and L" are also excluded by default.

Make sure these user codes are either taken out from the "Exclude" field when running the report or taken out from the account's information.


Statement Sent Date:


If "Enable Cycle Billing" is turned on via the "Billing Statement Settings" then the "Last Statement Sent" date will affect whether the account receives a statement depending on how many days the cycle billing is set for. The "Last Statement Sent" date is found under the account information and is updated each time a statement is generated for an account. This field can be changed manually if necessary.

If an account's "Last Statement Sent" date is 06/01/2011 and the "Cycle Billing" period is set to 28 days, that account will not generate another statement when running monthly statements until 06/29/2011.

DO NOT TURN OFF CYCLE BILLING unless it is completely OK to reset the entire billing cycle. This means accounts that received a statement yesterday will generate a statement again today if cycle billing is reset.


Insurance Balance > or = Account Balance:


If an account's outstanding insurance balance is greater than or equal to the total account's balance then the account will not have a statement generated unless "Send Statement if there is no amount due" is checked under the billing statement settings.

Check the "Balance" and the "Insurance" totals via the account transactions, if the insurance balance is greater than or equal to the "Balance" then the account will NOT receive a statement (Unless "Send Statement if there is no amount due" is checked in the Billing Statement Settings).


Credit Balances:


If an account has credits that have not been distributed properly then this may be another reason that billing statements will not be generated for the account. Check the Account Payment screen for undistributed credit amounts. If found, distribute the credit amounts by age.

Suspended Billing Statement Generation

If only a specific number of accounts are having billing statements generated, it's possible that a suspended billing statement session has not been finalized.

Attempt to view preview paper or electronic billing statements and the message, "The last statement preview session was suspended. Would you like to resume the suspended session?" may be displayed.

This message will appear when a user has previously been modifying the billing statement preview, closed it, was prompted with the message, "Would you like to save these changes and resume later?", clicked Yes, and has not re-entered the "Electronic Batch Preview" or "Statement Preview" functions since. Clicking Yes to this message will allow the user to preview the statements that are being generated and edit them as needed.


Additional Information:


Make sure to let the statements generate completely. Clicking [Cancel] in the statement preview before the statements have completed reviewing accounts may only display certain accounts with last names (Such as "Aaron - Nance" if the generation was canceled early).

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