WinOMS: Unique Filename Could Not Be Generated Error Message When Scanning or Attaching Document to Patient's Chart

Document created by paula1 Employee on Aug 18, 2017
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Note: The reason for this is error is the Image directory is missing or is pointing to an invalid location. This issue to resolve

may require assistance from WinOMS Support if you are unable to determine the server name. 


You will need to verify current image directory from a previously installed/functioning workstation as follows:


  1. On a workstation not receiving this error, Open WinOMS and Click Utilities.
  2. Click My Computer Settings.
  3. Click Image Settings tab.
  4. Copy Image Directory Path and enter into same location on new workstation or workstation with the error.

    Example Only: file://server/mdcs\\server\mdcs\images or \\server1\mdcs\images

    The server name will be the first portion followed by the share name of the WinOMS CS folder and Images folder.
  5. Click Ok.

  6. Retest the issue. If you are still receiving the error please contact Support for further assistance at 1 800 275 4637