OrthoTrac: Arithmetic Overflow in basPatRewards - SetPatRewards Card, Error # 2147217833) When Adding Practice Genius Rewards Card Number

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NOTE:  This issue applies only to practices that have activated the Practice Genius integration.  For more information, visit Practice Genius directly at http://www.practicegenius.com/   . 



When attempting to add a Practice Genius patient rewards card for a patient using Functions, Patient Rewards Hub, Set Patient Rewards Card, the following error is displayed:


Cause: Use of a "rewards card" number beginning with a 0.

Solution: The Practice Genius Rewards integration with Orthotrac allows offices to submit information from OrthoTrac to create patient records on the Practice Genius Rewards website.


To do this, the offices give a Practice Genius rewards card to each patient that will be signing up for the system. They then go to that patient's chart, select Functions, Patient Rewards Hub, Set Patient Rewards Card, and enter the card number. OrthoTrac then submits the patient's information to the Practice Genius Rewards website, where a patient record is created, and then links the Rewards ID from that new record with the patient rewards card number in the OrthoTrac database.


Some offices, however, have been told by Practice Genius that they can be "cardless", and not use the provided rewards cards at all. The indication is that these practices have been advised that they can make up their own "card numbers" for use with the system, but in order to prevent repeat numbers, are being advised to create numbers based off of the patient chart ID numbers in OrthoTrac and repeat those until they hit sixteen digits. For example, a patient whose OrthoTrac patient ID number was 123456 would use a "card number" of 1234562134561234 .


This system works fine unless the patient's chart # begins with 0. If you try to submit a "card number" beginning with 0 using Functions, Patient Rewards Hub, Set Patient Rewards Card, then the system will crash and produce the error shown above.


To prevent this, all made-up rewards "card numbers" that are submitted using this function must start with a 1 or higher. Any placeholder digit will do but the number cannot start with 0. The remaining fifteen digits can be entered however the office chooses.


OrthoTrac Development will not be correcting this issue because the expected use of this process is to use an actual, valid card number off of the actual rewards cards provided to the offices by Practice Genius. The issue does not occur when valid card numbers are used.




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