SoftDent: Creating a Copy or Backup of the SoftDent Software Folder or Database as a Temporary Backup

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It has become necessary to create a copy of the office's SoftDent folder for troubleshooting/backup purposes.


Note:  (Applies to versions 14.2.8 and prior as well as version 16.x.x only. DOES NOT apply to any NexGen Scheduler versions such as any version of 15 or 116.x.x as the SQL database must be backed up on those versions as well).


Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary during the process of troubleshooting to create a backup of the office’s SoftDent folder. Prior to creating a backup copy of the SoftDent folder, it is recommended to check the following:


  • The size of the SoftDent folder
  • The amount of remaining disk space on the drive where SoftDent is currently installed

It is imperative to check size and remaining disk space as running utilities requires a minimum of 4GB of free disk space to be allotted for temporary files created during the file utility run process.

If creating a
backup copy of the SoftDent folder will leave less than 4GB of free disk space, do not create a copy until enough disk space has been freed. The responsibility of freeing up disc space resides with each office.

When creating a
backup, it is recommended to give it a name that is indicative of what the copy contains and the date on which it was made. Best practice should be to rename a SoftDent backup Folder to something descriptive. For example, for a backup made on July 10, 2012, name the folder “SoftDent_7.10.12”.

After it is confirmed that everything is working satisfactorily to the office then after 7 days, the backed up folder may be safely deleted. Please ensure that SoftDent is working properly and that the data does not appear to have been corrupted prior to deleting the backup.

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