OrthoTrac: Error (Run-Time Error 53 File Not Found) When Opening Procedure Code Maintenance

Document created by prcarter Employee on Oct 5, 2017
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When attempting to access Procedure Code Maintenance, the following error is displayed:



The PRCMAINT.EXE  file is missing from the PC, usually because it has been removed by an antivirus program which falsely identified it as a threat.   



Browse to the \OMS\ folder on the computer (usually C:\OMS, but may vary if Orthotrac was installed to a different directory)  and look for the PRCMAINT.EXE  file. If it is missing, open the antivirus program (the exact steps to do so will vary depending on the program) and check its quarantine list. If \OMS\PRCMAINT.exe is in the list, it will need to be restored and an exclusion added to prevent the antivirus program from checking the \OMS folder on the computer.

If the AV program has not removed the file, but the error still occurs, try temporarily disabling the antivirus program and attempting to access procedure code maintenance again. If the process works, then the antivirus program is doing something else to block or prevent the PRCMAINT.EXE  file from executing and your local tech will have to be notified to correct the issue.




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