OrthoTrac: How to Set Up The Electronic Signature Feature (How to Install An Electronic Signature Pad)

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To install a signature pad for capturing initials and signatures. 



PLEASE NOTE that the following steps are for locally hosted clients only  (that is, clients who have OrthoTrac running on a local server located in their office).   For clients who use a terminal services environment, or for clients on OrthoTrac Cloud, please contact Support for assistance at 866-722-2567 or via email at OrthoTracSupport@carestream.com   . 


Step by step:

1. Connect the signature pad to the computer.

2. Click Functions, Word Processing, Letter Setup from the Main Menu of OrthoTrac.

3. Click Signature Setup. The Configure Electronic Signature window will be displayed.

4. Click the Install Drivers button. If you have already installed any software that was shipped with the signature pad, click Uninstall Drivers to remove the current software, then click Install Drivers

5. In the Signature Pad Setup section of the Configure Electronic Signature window, use the pull-down list next to Model: to select the correct model of signature pad.

NOTE: Signatures can be acquired via a Topaz signature pad (pads can be purchased from Topaz Systems at http://www.topazsystems.com/  ) or a Tablet PC. In order to be setup with a Tablet PC, an activation code is required (for ElectronicSignature). Once this is entered, a previously hidden item in the Model drop-down list in Signature Setup called TabletPC becomes available.


6. If the signature pad is a serial signature pad select the check box next to Is a Serial Device.  (This is rare; most signature pads are USB pads). 

7.  If the pad is an LCD pad, select Use LCD Images to display images on the signature pad.
NOTE: It may be necessary to adjust the display size depending on the signature pad.

8. Click Test Signature. The Please Sign window will open.


9. Sign on the signature pad.

10. If the signature pad has an LCD screen tap OK. Otherwise click OK on the Please Sign window.

11. Click Test Initials. The Test Initials window will open.

12. Initial on the signature pad.

13. If the signature pad has an LCD screen tap OK. Otherwise click OK on the Test Initials window.

NOTES: The Signature Width and Initials Width fields may be adjusted as needed.

The Remove White Space option will limit the amount of space around the signature or initials giving it a more natural look.

14. Click OK in the Configure Electronic Signature window.

15. Click Close in the Letter Setup window.

NOTE: Once the signature pad is installed and working correctly, additional information on capturing signatures can be found at the following knowledge pages:

How to Set Up a Letter to Capture Electronic Signatures Or Initials   (directions on adding the necessary merge fields to your letters)


How to Capture Electronic Signatures or Initials  (directions on actually capturing the signatures / initials after posting the letter)




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