OrthoTrac:  Version 14 - How to Minimize, Reactivate, or Dock the Stand Alone Light Bar

Document created by prcarter Employee on Mar 7, 2018
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In version 14 of OrthoTrac and higher, how can you minimize and un-minimize the standalone Light Bar?



Version 14 and higher of OrthoTrac requires the standalone Light Bar (compared to previous versions of OrthoTrac, which had it as an optional selection). When minimized, the standalone Light Bar does not create an item on the Windows taskbar like other OrthoTrac programs such as Charting do; instead, it creates a tiny minimized window just above the taskbar, in the bottom left-hand corner of the Windows desktop (above the Start menu button).  Below is a screenshot with the minimized window highlighted in red.  



The Light Bar can be un-minimized by clicking on the "Maximize" button on that window, or you can also double-click the "LightBar 2.0" icon which appears in the system tray (in the bottom right next to the system clock).  Below is a screenshot with the LightBar 2.0 icon highlighted in red. 


This icon is generally visible any time the Light Bar is running. If it is not visible, click the "Expand" option in the system tray (the upwards-pointing triangle at the left edge of the system tray) to display all running applications.


The Lightbar 2.0 icon also provides other options for customizing the Light Bar. You can right-click the Light Bar 2.0 icon to see other options, such as enabling or disabling the Graph at the bottom or the option to Dock the light bar at one of the edges of your screen.