OrthoTrac: Version 14 -  Patient Comments Do Not Pop Up Message Boxes in Charting

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When a Comment is added in the Comments section of a patient's main information screen and Charting is then opened for that patient, Charting should display a pop-up message box showing the Comment, but does not. 


The comments do still pop up in a message box when the patient's main chart window is opened, but if Charting / Treatment Card is opened directly from the menu, or opened directly via dragging a patient to the operatory from patient flow, the Comment window will not display.



This has been identified as a defect in version of OrthoTrac and will be corrected in a future version.  In the meantime, if these messages are essential to your practice's daily operations and the popup messages when opening the patient's main information screen are not sufficient, you can revert to the original Treatment Card and the messages in Charting will display again. 


To revert to the original Treatment Card interface:


1. Select Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Charting Maintenance.


2. In the Charting Options section, place a checkmark in the the box "Use Original Tx Card".


3. Click OK to save changes and exit Charting Maintenance.


4. Restart Charting on all workstations for the change to take effect. 




[[Article ID:  3568CTEL85  / CR12603 / Rally #: DE38643]]

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