How a Digital Workflow Enhances the Biology and Healing of Dental Implants Live Online Webinar

Created by tshaw Employee on Mar 13, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at Online

Starts at 2:00 PM ยท Ends at 3:15 PM, EDT (America/New_York)

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How can a digital workflow enhance the biology and healing of dental implants? Join implant surgeon Dr. Antoine Diss as he discusses the advantages of a digital workflow in implant treatment. In this intermediate-level webinar, you’ll discover how a digital workflow can enhance the biology and healing of dental implants. By the end of this webinar, you should be able to use the CS 3600 intraoral scanner to take a pre-operative digital impression, register the emergence profile for a better provisional crown design, take digital impressions of dental implants and mill provisional crowns for better aesthetic outcomes.


Presenter: Dr. Antoine Diss 


Register here: https://masterworks.webex.com/mw3100/mywebex/default.do?service=7&main_url=%2Ftc3100%2Ftrainingcenter%2Fdefault.do%3Fsiteurl%3Dmasterworks%26main_url%3D%252Ftc3100%252Fe.do%253FAT%253DMI%2526%2526Host%253DQUhTSwAAAATR7Xn0CCeHjVnLohXyVDhG9z20wm9apYXEMAitKDrG4JHokiLUjvwUzJiGC-OWOL-My66_sAgTiIaXr1h_yo3S0%2526UID%253D0%2526MTID%253Dt2b0b76b78edcdd39f9ac098266cf50bf%2526siteurl%253Dmasterworks%2526confID%253D88226425045257861%2526ticket%253D4832534b000000045ee7b5b924f9cf31e9a7e1d14117553c46a0ab10958694ca298221c6690255c3&siteurl=masterworks