Improve User-Selected Reports

Idea created by Matt Ackerman Employee on Jul 17, 2017
    • mbrown

    The User-Selected Reports feature needs to be enhanced. It should be able to work like any other database search. If there is a "field" or piece of data in Softdent, we should be able to search for it.

    For example, here are some of the more common searches/reports I have not been able to perform in SD: 
    1) List patients who have a $25 payment posted to their account between 10/1/xx and 10/31/xx. 
    2) List all patients with a certain health condition, so we can do proper follow-up. 
    3) List all patients with a 'keyword' in their Notes field. 
    4) List all patients with [Insurance Company] who had [ADA code] done on tooth [#].

    Providing us with an efficient database search would prevent us from having to export the HUGE Transactions report to Excel, convert text to columns, manipulate the data into usable format, then filter the data to find the needed information.