Prompt for Patient/Patients Representative when signing a Medical Form

Idea created by scottm92 on Oct 25, 2017



    Ideally we would like a prompt to appear (as it does when a patient signs a PR Form), on a Medical Form for when a patient is still classed as a child e.g under 18 or under 16, to ask whether it is the patient themselves or the patients representative (e.g parent or guardian), that is signing the medical form.


    So the process would be:

    Medical form tab is opened.

    "No changes" is clicked and saved.

    "Sign" is clicked.

    A prompt appears asking whether it is the patient or their representative.

    If it is a representative signing, for it to then state underneath the signature, that they are a representative of the patient.



    John Doe

    Signed by John Doe on behalf of Jane Doe.