Community Tab

Idea created by clairec on Nov 1, 2017

    Hi All, 


    I work for NHS Lothian (Scotland) and would like to raise a suggestion regarding the community tab.  


    It would be great if a course of treatment could automatically populate the required information into the community tab?  At the moment this needs to be entered manually by looking through the patients notes which is time consuming. 


    I contacted Carestream to find out if there would be a way to view the community tab at each visit but unfortunately this can't be done.  The community tab also doesn't appear until you have completed the treatment which is frustrating for staff.  


    Also, the community tab name was supposed to be changed to Public Dental Service (PDS) some time ago.  Would you be able to give me an update regarding this? 


    I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 


    Kind Regards