Dock radio buttons (relative to Dock "Bins")

Idea created by omsnashville on Dec 14, 2017
    • paula1

    I was trying to post a picture directly in a reply to christopher.octa 's post here but it would not permit, so I'm posting the associated (but poorly rendered in MS Paint) picture here. Forgive my graphic design skills.



    I can see the merit to 1 or 2 communal dock bins that everyone can work on (like a bin for patients who have been approved by insurance and need one of our schedulers to call and get them an apt), but for us this would be a secondary concern. Most of us need a way to organize/prioritize the patients that are in *our own* specific docked inbox, rather than a shared bin. Just like my real-life inbox, there are multiple types of requests since I wear more than one hat- Medical Records requests, Hospital cases, billing TMJ services, etc. Currently, my best way to organize them is to print something from the chart and create my own physical "to-do" piles so I can tackle similar tasks at one time for efficiency. But to do that, I have to OPEN (not necessarily complete) every patient docked to me to determine & organize, and I lose a lot of efficiency there. Working through the dock in alphabetical order, as it is now, is a bigger waste of time and perpetually postpones those at the end of the alphabet.


    My ideal world would include about 4 (at least) dock bin Indicators for the Sending user to select before docking the patient to another user. They would be customizable per Recipient user. For example, I would set the dock options for my Dock, and those options would only appear by the radio buttons when someone had selected me as the end user to their dock note. The options that appear after my name might be different from the options chosen by our implant coordinator or front office manager, but each of us would have about 4. We would also need the end user to be able to re-bin them as necessary (if a TMJ patient was docked to me as Medical Records, etc).


    MOST of all, we really need an Urgent flag (from the sender) to be a possibility, so that can help prioritize.


    This may be an unreasonably huge ask, but hey, we gotta dream big, right?