ePosting - Clear all transactions on a claim

Idea created by mrgrenier on Dec 20, 2017

    I have seen a fairly regular issue involving codes that are included on the claim form with no fee in our case D0601 D0602 D0603 (Caries Risk Assesment low mod high) that depending on the carrier will remove from the eob during payment. This results in the one line item not being cleared during posting so I have to go back around and manually clear the line item after posting which ends up being extra work. It would be nice if ePosting cleared up the missing items during its posting process.


    I would rather not make it a non-submittable code because Northeast Delta Dental will reimburse for it as part of their HOW program (Health through Oral Wellness). It would be less work (Agreed) but I would still have to make it submittable again when doing checkouts on HOW covered individuals. Hopefully, it will encourage other carriers to consider patient risk in their standard benefit outline down the road.


    Thanks for all you do!