Easy Patient Identification

Idea created by ronigld on May 17, 2018
    • ninaclaydental

       We are moving towards going chartless.  We are a very large, multi-location practice, with general dentists & several specialists.  On our current charts, we use sticker colors to identify the type of insurance patients have...Red, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow. 

       In looking at SoftDent, you currently have to either go into the patient's account, or the patient screen & use one of several options to see the type of insurance a patient has, none of which are easily seen.  It would be wonderful to either have the insurance plan easily seen from the patient screen, or to have an area in the bottom corner of the patient screen that providers can choose a color that identifies the insurance type quickly. 

       With technology advancing as it is, having everything readily available, easy to see, and quick is imperative.