PracticeWorks Sneak Peek - Full Screen, Updated Appointment Book

Discussion created by juriz Employee on Jan 18, 2018
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Good morning PracticeWorks users!


Development on PracticeWorks 8.1 is complete. We are in the process of QA'ing the release and getting it ready for release. 


In preparation I'd like to share the major changes you'll see.

Widescreen Schedule

*To see a larger view of the schedule click the image above. 

  • The faux appointment book schedule graphics are gone, along with the green space on the right and bottom. The appointment book stretches across the entire screen, regardless of your monitor size. Offices with a lot of chairs this will now be able to see all the appointment information when using a widescreen monitor. 


  • The vertical toolbar (containing the Paid, Bulk Check, Phone Lookup, etc) is now horizontal. The appointment book sticky is located immediately right of the toolbar. All sticky notes in the software are now full yellow squares rather than faux stacked sticky notes. 


  • To the right of the appointment book sticky we have new appointment book navigation options. Offices with multiple appointment books will benefit from the Up/Down arrows which cycle through your appointment books without your having to access the "Select Appointment Book" screen. The Home icon returns you to the default appointment book. And finally we included the name of the selected appointment book on the schedule screen. Clicking the appointment book name will display the "Select Appointment Book" screen. 


  • The full date is displayed with a calendar icon to the left. Clicking the calendar icon will Show/Hide the floating calendar. The icon will also "bump" your floating calendar when it's been moved below the Windows Taskbar or off the side of the screen. 


  • On the current day you now have a Time Tracker. This is a thin red line that advances through the day and gives you an immediate visual indicator where you're at in your schedule. For all other days the red line will appear on the far left of the schedule but not across the entire appointment book. 


  • The Up/Down arrows allowing you to scroll up or down on the appointment book are enlarged. This makes navigating a lengthy day significantly easier. 
  • Not visible but equally important is the ability to "drag and drop" to reschedule. 


The Pending Page benefits from widescreen monitor support also, as you can see in the image below.

Pending Page v8.1


If you don't want the appointment book to fill the screen you can scale the application down as far as 1024 x 768 which will make the schedule look like this: 

Minimum Resolution V8.1


Scaling the appointment book like so will free up room on your Windows desktop for other applications (or a place to move Clipboards and other PracticeWorks windows).


We're looking forward to this release and beginning work on even more important functionality for your practice. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.