SD V17 - Release Notes

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Below are the release notes for V17.

This should help with understanding what's encompassed in the release.



1. Clinical Module


- New Overview Tab - Ability to see latest posted procedures, latest clinical notes, clinical images, resorative and perio charts (read only), Tx Plan items and Next Appt information all on one screen.

- Ability to set Overview tab a default when opening clinical module

- Addition of new tabs - Notes, Labs, Documents



2. Allow Parallel Workflows - Record Locking Alleviated



3. UI Refresh

 - Round Field Corners

- Update Tab Colors

- Pallete background

- Updated Login screen

- Update install Splash Screen

- All windows - updated color palette

- Remove UDI information and update copyright and trademark information



4. 2018 CDT Code Updates

- 2018 CDT: Graphical representation of any of the 18 new CDT 208 codes - 6118 and 6119



Various Updates/Defects:

Update Tutorial Data

Inaccessible portraits on the scheduler v116.x. This was caused by a coding mistake that has since been fixed. Portraits no longer “drop” from the Scheduler data.

Licensing issue: each time SoftDent crashes, one of the available licenses is used

DVD title for 16.2.7 Single DVD installer shows as “SoftDent v16.1”

When two or more users attempt to login at the same time, the softdent.log is locked.

Certain actions involving image cause file handles to be leaked

eForms – Process Causes Slowness in SoftDent After Upgrading to v16.1.1.206.