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Is there any possibility to be integrated with Insurance companies to get patient's benefits? I know in PracticeWorks we can update the Bluebook... Is that the only way to keep track of different benefits besides going online or by fax to get the benefits? Our office has not been updating the Bluebook every time we get the Insurance payments back

Over the past year we have been working to set up our PW software to do automatic write offs for Delta Dental so we can have a more accurate collection amount for a patient's out of pocket costs. I am having an issue getting that write off to post to the correct doctor.  We have two doctors in our practice - a father and son and they
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In the Patient Workspace section of WinOMS, the date of a patient's first visit is automatically populated with the date that patient's account is actually created, which may not be the same date that the patient actually presents for their first encounter.   Is there any way to have the "First Visit" field automatically populate with the