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CMP Weekly Release

Care Management Platform (CMP)

Weekly Release

Build  | March 5th, 2019

These are the highlights of the changes available in this week’s Care Management Platform (CMP) release. It should be noted that this week’s release contains several Voice of Customer items that deliver on recent requests from customers that are actively using CMP to operate their practices.

CMP at the Yankee and Chicago Midwinter 2019PitCrew Combo Logo.PNG

The Practice Management PitCrew was recently out showcasing CMP again. This time, we were at the 2019 Yankee Dental Congress and then the 154th Midwinter Meeting of the Chicago Dental Society. PitCrew members were busy giving product demos, collecting Voice of Customer feedback, and generating new sales leads. Were were able to impress attendees with some of the more recent additions to the CMP product, including workflow enhancements that facilitate front-to-back-to-front office communication and appointment handling. There was quite a bit of interest from several practices, citing that CMP was the most attractive option among cloud DPMS offerings currently on the market. We look forward to unveiling some of the upcoming features - including insurance claim attachments, ePayments Secure integration, enhanced bulk billing statements, and more - at dental trade shows in the near future.

CSI 8 Support and Imaging Enhancements

This week’s release includes support for CSI 8, providing CMP users - with hardware that requires the use of CSI 8 - basic cloud imaging integration. The image acquisition workflow and bridge-supported CMP-to-imaging handoff remains unchanged, as documented in the release notes from October of last year. After installing the bridge, users can launch and pass the CMP patient context to their imaging client for both image acquisition and review. Once saved, acquired images (of supported formats) are then uploaded to the cloud and visible in the patient’s Images UI in CMP.

In addition to CSI 8 support, this release includes a few additional enhancements to imaging in CMP. This includes the ability to specify the local imaging directory, per location, where acquired images are to be maintained (and from which acquired images are uploaded to the cloud).  Additionally, we have implemented some enhancements to the filtering and rendering of images displayed in CMP, which improve the browser-based viewing experience. Lastly, users can now remove images from a patient’s cloud record to support instances in which acquired images were unintentional uploaded to the cloud or if an image was uploaded / assigned to the wrong patient.

Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to CMP this week.

  1. Addressed an issue in which the Service Date printed on generated Billing Statements was incorrect.
  2. Resolved an issue in which the imaging client would not launch when called from CMP under certain conditions.
  3. Added support for quickly selecting all (applicable) procedures for billing to the patient’s insurance in the Post New Charges UI.
  4. Increased the character limit allowed in claim Status Change Note field, to allow users to add more detailed documentation when updating claim records.
  5. Fixed a defect in the calendar control of the Schedule DayView in which certain conditions could lead to loading the schedule with a null date value.
  6. Addressed a bug in the calendar control of the Schedule DayView in which the 3 month calendar preview of the data selector was not in sync with the current date.
  7. Resolved an issue in which a patient’s updated insurance policy would sometimes not be used on new insurance claims.
  8. Fixed an issue in the Patient Files UI in which the file names would sometimes disappear and not be displayed in the Patient Files table.
  9. Addressed a technical issue with the indexing of the NoteVersions table on the backend.
  10. Updated some key backend components, which provided some UX improvements in various common controls and components.
  11. Allowed Amount information for procedures was added to the details provided in the Insurance Estimation Details popover that is available when explaining the breakdown of patient vs. insurance costs.
  12. Fixed a defect in the dropdown common control in the side panel filters that would sometimes not react properly and display the available values.
  13. Added some optimizations to the performance and API calls when interacting with the Patient MiniCard and calling the Patient Snapshot UI.
  14. Addressed some issues with the logic of the filter controls in the side panel of the Claims Management UI that could result in some interaction problems when setting certain filter values.