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CMP Weekly Release

Care Management Platform (CMP)

Weekly Release

Build  | April 12th, 2019

These are the highlights of the changes available in this week’s Care Management Platform (CMP) release. It should be noted that this week’s release contains several Voice of Customer items that deliver on recent requests from customers that are actively using CMP to operate their practices.

Electronic Claims Attachments

This week’s release includes workflow support for uploading electronic claims attachments. This has been a significant request from current CMP customers, which we are happy to be rolling out in this release. We have partnered with NEA and have integrated with their FastAttach service to allow the electronic submission of supporting claim documentation. Once the CMP practice is configured as an NEA FastAttach customer, users will start to get notified in CMP when claims require attachments, what those requirements are, and will be able to add claim attachments when needed. This will help to ensure that claims coming from CMP will be more efficiently processed and less likely to be rejected by payers.

When a user creates a new claim in CMP, if the payer accepts electronic attachments, then the claim record is flagged as “Awaiting Attachments”. The initial notification of claim creation indicates that additional action may be needed and these claims are clearly marked in the Claims Management UI. As previously mentioned, if there are defined payer rules for the claimed procedures, then the claim record will also provide information on the type(s) of attachment required.

From here, the basic workflow is…

  1. The user selects the claim in the Claims Management UI (flagged as “Awaiting Attachments”);
  2. The user clicks “Add Attachments” (or “Skip Attachments” if a determination is made that no attachments are required);
  3. The user selects any radiographs, defines the required information, and/or adds narrative text via the Add New Claim Attachment(s) dialog;
  4. The user saves the attachment records and then submits the claim, which sends the claim attachment record information to the NEA FastAttach service (Note: Claim status is updated to “Awaiting Attachment Confirmation”);
  5. The user logs into the NEA FastAttach service, locates the associated claim record, confirms and sends the attachments;
  6. NEA finalizes the claim attachment records, sends the Attachment Reference Number back to CMP, the claim record is automatically updated with the NEA link information, and the claim is automatically queued for transmission to the CSD clearinghouse.Claim WF 1.PNG


    Claim WF 2.PNG


    Claim WF 3.PNG


    Claim WF 4.PNG


    Claim WF 5.PNG


    Claim WF 6.PNG


    Claim WF 7.PNG


    Claim WF 8.PNG


Currently, users can add any patient radiograph available in CMP as well as adding any narrative text necessary for the claim. We are also working on support for adding perio exams as claim attachments directly through CMP. Currently, for perio exams - or for any other types of supporting documentation not in CMP - users can add these items directly though the FastAttach service and, when the attachment records are sent via FastAttach, the attachment record number will be added to the claim record in CMP and queued for submission to the clearinghouse.

In order to help ensure that practices do not end up with claims sitting in a pre-queued purgatory, awaiting the addition of attachments, CMP will now send all admins a nightly email notification. If there are any claims requiring action, such as claims in a pre-queued state that need attachments, the practice admins will receive an email containing the count of affected claims. Users can then visit the Claims Management UI in CMP and, following the aforementioned workflow, process any problematic claims.

We are excited to provide CMP users with support for this claims-related workflow. Electronic claims attachments are a key piece of the overall insurance workflow suite that we are building in CMP. Support for submission of claim pre-authorizations will also be released shortly. We look forward to hearing how this latest release helps support our customers’ claim-based workflows.

CMP Mobile v1 Now Available

This week’s release also includes access to the initial version of our CMP Mobile application, which provides CMP users with a limited, read-only view of their practice data on mobile devices. CMP users can now view their schedule, review patient appointments and limited clinical history and notes, as well as contact patients to complete follow-up tasks. CMP Mobile is already enabled and ready for CMP users. Just go to (using the Google Chrome browser) or search for “CMP Mobile” in the Apple App Store or Google Play and install the app on your chosen mobile device. Current CMP users can use the same login credentials that they use to access CMP - no need to establish any new user accounts.

CMP Mobile - browser.PNGIMG_0764.PNGIMG_0765.PNG









Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes and optimizations have been added to CMP this week.

  1. Per multiple customer request, the saturation was increased for the colors used to visualize charted events in the Hard Tissue Chart UI to make the chart easier to read under non-optimal lighting conditions.
  2. Implemented a series of UI enhancements to the Claims Management UI filters, which allow for easier and more powerful filtering of insurance claims.
  3. Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the application to crash when multiple recare reminders are generated concurrently.
  4. Addressed a defect in which the number of applicable patients being sent a letter- or email-based recare reminder was not being displayed correctly based on the current filtering.
  5. Resolved a UI defect that resulted from an application update to the Google Chrome browser.
  6. Fixed a defect in which the policyholder search was being incorrectly restricted when an insurance policy was being added to a patient flagged as self-responsible.
  7. Closed a loophole that allowed the same person to be added as a Responsible Party multiple times to the same Patient Record.
  8. Addressed an issue in which the calculation of the Unbilled Procedures in the Claim Stats widget on the Location Homepage was including items that were not billable to insurance.
  9. Fixed a defect in the A/R report that would sometimes result in a misrepresentation of the financial calculations under certain conditions.
  10. Per customer request, the character limits for the Internal Name and Business Name fields in the Location Settings UI were extended to accommodate longer, more specific names.
  11. Addressed a UI defect in which watermark text was being imprinted on the PDFs being generated for recare reminders.
  12. Resolved an issue in which the Chrome browser print dialog would sometimes be displayed when the user accessed the Perio Chart UI.
  13. Fixed an issue in which duplicate files that are uploaded are not automatically removed from view until the application is refreshed.
  14. Resolved a UI defect with the notes control in the Appointment Card UI in which long note text was not being properly handled within the notes control and UI frame.