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Canine II

Appointment Compliance

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Can anyone tell me how to use the appointment compliance?  Where it shows how many brackets were off etc.  We don't see anywhere as how to track this.

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Re: Appointment Compliance

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Good day Heather ( @bracemom35 ), 

The Appointment Compliance section of the new Charting tracks appointment compliance based on a new setting in Procedure Code Maintenance  (Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Procedure Code Maintenance from the main OT menu).  Several things are necessary for the Appointment Compliance to be updated for a specific patient:

1.  The procedure code must be set to the correct category.  In the bottom left hand corner of the Procedure Code Maintenance screen for a specific procedure is a "Compliance Category" pull-down menu.  Set that appropriately for the procedure you are working with.

2.  The procedure code must be associated with a specific appointment type.  This is done through Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Schedule Maintenance.  You select the appointment type, click Change and then click the Procedures button to associate that procedure with that appointment type. 

3.  The patient must be scheduled for that specific appointment type, be seen for that appointment, and properly checked out.  If they are not checked out properly (that is, the procedure code is not posted on the Charges and Payments screen during the check-out process) then the Appointment Compliance for that patient will not be updated.   

One final note:  Posting the procedure codes manually to the Charges and Payments screen will not update the Appointment Compliance either, because then they are not being posted as part of a scheduled appointment. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations


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